Countdown to Eid

Ramadan is almost over and Eid will soon be upon us (in about a week!) So lots of yummy food and presents for the girls!

I do sometimes feel the girls miss out on the Eid excitement and atmosphere being in a non Muslim country, so now that Munchkin is older I am making the effort to make it all abit more exciting. So from today we will be making decorations and decorating the house.

As Munchkin has a bad habit of asking how many days are left to a particular event, just before Ramadan started we made a 'Countdown to Eid' crafty calendar type thing.


Countdown to Eid

Now I am not the most crafty of people. I hated art at school with a passion. And the thought of glitter glue and bits of paper and pipe etc around the house fills me with fear.

But I had to conquer this fear for Munchkin.

So I had a look online for some inspiration on how to do a countdown calendar and I loved an idea that involved empty toilet roll holders. However there was no way we were going to collect 30 empty toilet roll holders in a week, so we ventured off to our local Hobbycraft to see what we could find.

I wanted to keep things simple. So I decided to get 30 paper cups which Munchkin could decorate as she wanted.

Once decorated I filled each cup with a small toy and/or a sweet, with a fact about Ramadan. This way she was learning about Ramadan and counting down to Eid. It seems to have worked as now we are on our final few cups she is getting excited. She looks forward to opening her cups every morning, so much so that she woke me at 7.30 today asking if she could go down and open the next one.

Simple but a success.

Countdown to Eid

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  • I love this! will definitely borrow this idea for next eid! the cups look great, and so fun!

    My oldest has the habit of asking how many days etc I think they just like to know to feel secure, even when we are driving he asks how many minutes we have to tell him the exact journey time from the sat nav lol.