Kids and selective hearing (or ignoring you!)

Munchkin is 7.


She sometimes….no OFTEN…. behaves like a teenager.


But what has really started to grate on my nerves is her ability to choose what she wants to hear…… Or maybe she is point blank ignoring me……or she forgets things so quickly I start thinking she is suffering from short term memory loss.


If I ask her to go get something from the kitchen, or upstairs, she goes to the correct place but often brings back the wrong thing. Or she is half way up the stairs and she asks 'what did you want again?'


Is this a trick to annoy me so that I won't ever ask her to get something?


The other thing is you ask her to pass something that is in the same room; the item is glaringly obvious, practically with a sign hanging over it screaming 'Here I am', but she misses it.


'Where is it mum?'


'Oh forget it. I'll grab it myself'.


Is this her clever way of ensuring I won't ask her in future?!


Do your children do this? Or is this just Munchkin's effective way of irritating me on purpose!?

Kids and selective hearing (or ignoring you!)

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