Project 365 – Days 223 to 229

Project 365 - Days 223 to 229

Day 223 – Bee got some Megablocks for Eid. Rather than play with them, she chucks them out and sits in the wheeled thing they came in.

Day 224 – Trip to the park with the girls.

Day 225 – Pic of cooking today! Was going to do a tutorial on it!

Day 226 – I had decided to start a diet, forgot to tell hubby though who got me loads of crisps.

Day 227 – Bee's first shoes from Clarks! She was so happy with them bless her, kept touching them!

Day 228 – Rain. Rosie sat by the cat flap looking sorry for herself as she wouldn't go out in it.

Project 365 - Days 223 to 229

Day 229 – We cleared out the attic totally and found alot more of Munchkin's toys, most in brand new condition. I was just looking at a frame like this to get Bee as I had forgotten I had one stored in the attic!! Good job I sent hubby up there.

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