Time for baby’s first Clark’s shoes

As the weather has been hot recently, I have usually taken Bee out barefoot, thinking that I will only invest in 'proper shoes' once she is actually walking. However, I just couldn't resist and we went to Clarks to get her her first shoes as they do a range of pre-walking shoes which are suitable for cruising which is what Bee is currently doing. However, I have only gotten the shoes mainly for when we go out as I believe it is better for her to be barefoot when she is learning how to walk.

Time for baby's first Clark's shoes

As children's feet are so delicate it is important that shoes are fitted correctly and are suitable for their age, as you don't want to damage their growing feet. I went to Clarks for Munchkin's first shoes and still do for her school shoes. I have always been happy with their service and with their shoes so it was pretty much a no brainer that I would go to Clarks for Bee's first shoes.

They have various collections for different stages of your little ones life, pre – walking, walking etc and I just love their shoes for little ones as they are just SO cute. However, sadly we didn't get much choice as they only had one design left in Bee's size.

Time for baby's first Clark's shoes

What I also love about Clarks is that they take a picture as a memento of reaching this milestone in your little ones life! Sadly, the camera was broken this time but I was told just to pop in next time with the receipt and they will take another picture.

They also give you a little booklet with some tips on how to care for little feet.

Time for baby's first Clark's shoes

Bee was so good in the shop. She happily got her feet measured and 'talked' to the assistant. Then when we got the shoes on she couldn't stop touching them, I'm guessing she liked them! And we haven't had any episodes of her trying to pull them off.

Another milestone reached in Bee's life and definitely a magic moment.

Time for baby's first Clark's shoes

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