Back to school already!

Have 6 weeks really passed?


It really does not feel like it at all.

It only seems like yesterday that Munchkin was preparing to leave infants and visiting the juniors for some settling in days. And now she has started in year 3, and the first day is over.

Although Munchkin is now in Year 3, as a parent you simply can't help but still worry. And now especially, since my baby has grown up and is going to junior school where there are older and more scarier kids.

Sometimes I feel it is a shame that I can't somehow stop her growing up to protect her from the big bad scary world out there. Before I know it, she will be finishing junior school ready for secondary!

But going back to the holidays, does anyone else feel like the 6 weeks has passed in a bit of a blur?

I do feel like we didn't make the most of the time off. To be fair, the first 2 weeks was Ramadan so those weeks really did pass in a bit of a blur..

And now the house has been quiet today with just me and Bee, and I am not sure I like it.

With Munchkin not around, Bee seems to be a lot calmer too. She has been quietly amusing herself with her toys and hasn't been giving me as much grief as usual.

I should be enjoying the peace and quiet right?!

And I thought I would too……..

But I think knowing that hubby will be gone for 2 months soon, and that the house is going to be even quieter, is making me feel a bit down about it all.

Roll on half term!

On the plus side though, she is doing really well and has impressed her teachers on her first day. Can't wait to pop into school tomorrow and see what work of hers has gone onto the success gallery!

Back to school already!

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