The Gallery: Pets

This is the first time I'm taking part in The Gallery. I just couldn't resist as the topic is Pets.

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So then my dilemma was whether to share a picture of the cat who we have had for 2 months, or the rabbit who we have had for a good 5 years and was recently ill.

The cat won as I have more recent cute pictures of her.

You can read more about Rosie the cat in a previous post.

But for now all I will say is that she has become part of the family and I and the girls love her to bits….hubby not so much and wouldn't mind if I got rid of her. There is more chance of me getting rid of him! 😉

What I'm not loving so much is the collection of dead butterflies and moths she brings me…..she even came running in with a bird who I managed to rescue!

But we still love her!

The Gallery: Pets

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  • She is gorgeous. I’m not a cat person. Probably felt the same way your husband does when my husband brought our cats home – but you can’t help falling in love with them after a while.

  • Sweet! I don’t like cats much but I have to admit once you get to know them, it’s a different story.

    Love from France