Enjoying the sun while we can!

I've always been into photography. Not the serious, WOW kind of taking pictures, but more the fun, catch the moment and doesn't matter if the pics don't look professional kind of photography!

I always had my camera at uni with me, and my friends called me the paparazzi (not always kindly!)

So it seemed kind of natural that Munchkin would take after me. She always asks to take pictures using my camera but I am a wreck with her using my things as she tends to break her toys, so there was no way I was going to let her use my new DSLR, one which even I haven't got the hang of. However I was slightly more willing to allow her to use the digital camera I had.

When we decided to enter the Kids Capture the Colour Competition we were lucky enough to be one of the bloggers who were sent a camera to help us take part. Munchkin was so happy to have her own camera and she couldn't wait to get started.

She took some lovely pictures when we went to a local maze, but sadly while messing around with the camera she deleted them all; you can only imagine how upset she was! So we again recently went out to take some pictures. We are lucky enough to have a numbe of parks and Green Flag award winning country park close to us, so we ventured there to see what we could come up with…..and here are her entries.


She loved how the trees were growing, to cause an archway of leaves.

Enjoying the sun while we can!


She spotted the blue lake amongst the trees, and felt it would make a lovely picture with the blue sky too. Even the buoys out in the water had stripes of blue but they aren't that noticeable.

Enjoying the sun while we can!


She loved these yellow flowers, combined with the tinge of yellow in the hedge behind.

Enjoying the sun while we can!


She couldn't resist taking a picture of them while they were asleep.

Enjoying the sun while we can!


She struggled to find something red that she really wanted to take a picture of. So she finally took a picture of this which she kept spotting around the park.

Enjoying the sun while we can!

Although Munchkin was really gutted at losing her original pictures that she had wanted to enter, she was fairly happy with these.

And I think she did quite well for pretty much her first times of using a camera.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  • A perfect colour capture. My kids love to take over my camera too and yes the DSLR always makes me nervous. Thanks you for joining me on Country Kids with your lovely outdoor colours.

  • well done to her! Need to go through and sort mr Z’s pictures out too and get his post up! so much fun for them playing with the camera and taking their own pics!

  • Eeeek, I probably shouldn’t be commenting on this because I’ve a judge! I shall just mention that it looks like you had a wonderful day out and those trees look rather Lion, Witch and Wardrobe like!

    Nipping over from Country Kids.

  • What lovely pics! I love taking photos for fun! I only use my camera phones, at the moment it is IPHONE but I do get great pictures with it!