Magic Moments – We are walking!

Following on from my last Magic Moment where Bee had just turned one, I am now proud to be able to say she is actually walking!

She has been attempting to walk for a while now, but when she learnt cruising and climbing, walking appeared to be an insignificant thing as she could get where she wanted!

Her dad saw her take a few steps before he left and was sad to think that he would miss her actually beginning to walk properly and said she would be running by the time he returns.

And he is right.

Once she took those first few proper vital steps there was no stopping her!

We went to Tumbletots and I mentioned she was walking now. They asked if we would like the walking award but I decided to leave it for the following week as she was only taking a few steps. But then she decided to walk in front of them and took a good 10 steps! They were so pleased to see her walk that we decided to give her the award. And she walked to collect it from them (granted it was only a couple of steps to the lady, but walk she did!)

Magic Moments - We are walking!

There is just no stopping her now!

She looks so cute on her wobbly legs but it is simply amazing how confident she is getting with her walking in such a short space of time!

SO does that mean I now no longer can call her my baby but a toddler?!

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