Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

We are Lego fans in our house with even Bee starting early, although she seemed more keen on eating the Lego initially. So you can just imagine the excitement when we were asked by Store to review the new Lego Lunchbox.


The Lego lunchbox comes in 9 different colours to suit a wide range of tastes. There is even a Lego bottle and mini boxes to use with the main lunchbox. Munchkin of course chose pink and we received a lunchbox and a mini box to review.

Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

When we first received them they did look a little on the small side and I did wonder how much I was actually going to fit into the boxes. The lunchbox dimensions are 7.5cm high by 10cm wide by 20cm long. However, Munchkin is not a big eater anyway so doesn't need a huge box for masses of food.

We managed to get a sandwich, an apple and a choob in quite easily.

Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

With an apple in the lunchbox you cannot get much else in, including the mini box. The mini box is ideal for a handful of raisins or nuts (although Munchkin's school is now a nut free zone).

I do think the mini box is cute!

Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

You can get the mini box in the lunchbox with ease if there is a satsuma in it rather than an apple. Therefore the size of the lunchbox is pretty ideal for Munchkin. I used to fill her lunchbox right up, but over half of it would come back!

Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

I do generally like to have a lunchbox in which you can put a bottle so there are less things to carry, but if you don't mind that and your child doesn't have a huge lunch, then the lunchbox is ideal. However, we probably wouldn't use these in summer as I am not sure how effective they would be in keeping her yoghurts cool, unless of course you freeze the choobs overnight so they are suitably chilled by lunch.

What I also love about the lunchbox is that is so easy to keep clean. With the bag type lunchbags, there is often food stuck in the corners and in the folds which can be difficult to keep clean.

Lego lunchboxes are made of BPA free materials and are also dishwasher safe. Bonus!


Do you fancy winning a Lego lunchbox in light pink and a mini box in pink as shown below?

Review and Giveaway: Lego Lunchbox

If so all you need to do is complete the rafflecopter form below.

Please note all entries will be checked and if not completed correctly your entry will be removed.

Winner must contact me in 1 week of the winner being announced, if no contact is made after attempts to inform you of your win, then another winner will be picked.

Ends 17/09/13 at 12am

UK entrants only!

Note: First winner was disqualified as the entry was 'Like on FB' and she hadn't

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