Project 365 – Days 300 to 306

Project 365 - Days 300 to 306

Day 300 – With the clocks going back an hour the plus side was that the girls went to sleep earlier… I managed to put my feet up and have a nice relaxing hot chocolate!

Day 301 – Following the storm this fairly big branch landed in our garden. I am always worried about the huge trees behind our house and the wind always makes them sound scary.

Project 365 - Days 300 to 306

Day 302 – Bee being grumpy…she was for a few days so think it was a reaction to the injections she had last week. I was told she could get a reaction 7-10 days later

Day 303 – Needed to get out the house so met up with a friend and went to soft play.

Day 304 – Lots of Organix goodies arrived for Bee to try…she has already gobbled up most of them. Review up soon.

Project 365 - Days 300 to 306

Day 305 – Decided it was time to get some proper walking shoes now she is more confident in walking. She is going to be a right diva I think; she quite happily put her foot forward for the sales assistant to put the shoe on her and then ran around testing them out.

Project 365 - Days 300 to 306

Day 306 – Made some cupcakes today, although we cheated as had a packet mix in the cupboard that had been there a while.

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