Project 365 – Days 314 to 320

Another relatively quiet week. It is the final week before hubby returns (after 2 months) and it seems to be dragging so much I have almost lost the will to live! But we have survived this long without him!

Project 365 - Days 314 to 320

Days 314 – Bee got hold of one of my scarfs. Cue some fun between her and the cat, because as she was walking around with it, Rosie was jumping on it.

Day 315 – Rosie just wants to get into the bathroom whenever I am in there. Here she is in a playful mood outside!

Project 365 - Days 314 to 320

Day 316 – Baby group, and rather than give the doll a pretend bath in the baby bath, she jumps into it…..thankfully no actual water in it!

Project 365 - Days 314 to 320

Day 317 – Back from another session at baby group and Bee decided she would rather have my philadelphia instead of her own snacks!

Day 318 – My living room looks like a bomb has hit it soon after Bee wakes up. Sometimes even baby group doesn’t tire her out!!

Day 319 – Another session at baby group. Bee loves going outdoors while I could just stay indoors during the whole session. Why don’t kids feel the cold!?

Day 320 – Had a relaxing day and just had to test out these new chocolates!

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  • i did not realise that your OH has been away for all this time – you have done to cope all this time on your own with the girls.

    how sweet is Bee washing her baby in the bath alongside her? awww cute and the Little Tikes see saw looks fun x

  • the baby bath picture is so cute. No they dont feel the cold, mine just love the freedom of being out. Typical- your snack alsways tastes better than theirs. I have to ask why does the world need another chocolate covered cereal, is breakfast not suppose to be healthy?