Radox Matey Bubble Bath and Limited Edition Book

Radox Matey Bubble Bath and Limited Edition Book

I was recently asked if I would like to take a look at a new limited edition book from Matey Bubble bath. As we are already huge fans of Matey bubble bath we thought why not!

We first started using Matey bubble bath when my parents neighbours gave Munchkin a bottle for her birthday. I must admit until then I had never come across it and I was initially worried about using it. As I was a first time mum then I always worried about changing her bath products in case her skin reacted to them. However I had no reason to worry.

We love the Matey bubble bath bottles as they are so much fun with their character faces and ever since she was given a bottle as a present we have been buying it for bath time fun.

Just a small amount of the bubble bath will give you lots of bubbles so a bottle can last quite a while.

Radox Matey Bubble Bath and Limited Edition Book

Although Munchkin is 7 she still loves to have bath toys and because Bee is still abit young for bath books ( she will just eat them), I let Munchkin have it and she seemed to enjoy it.


The book is short and sweet. It tells the stories of the Matey characters; Max, Molly and Peg and the stories are told in a poem, encouraging you to have fun with the bubbles with lines such as:


'Dig through the bubbles to the water below

And pile the foam high on the end of your toe.'


The cute little book will certainly make bathtime more fun for little children.




Radox Matey Bubble Bath and Limited Edition Book

'Matey is mild and gentle with a hypoallergenic and skin-ph neutral formulation so it's kind to sensitive skin. Matey is a bubbly world of fun, games and adventures that will make any child smile during bathtime'.



Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Matey and the book for free for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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