Project 365 – Days 335 to 341

IMG_6694Day 335 – Not entirely sure what Bee was doing here….but it kept her entertained and quiet for a while.

Day 336 – Finally rid of the sickness bug so back to baby group. It was baby group though where she got ill as there was a kid who had a chest infection and was coughing everywhere and at everyone.


IMG_6695Day 337 – Decided to bake a cake the old fashioned way in a saucepan!

Day 338 –  Went for breakfast with hubby and Bee at the local garden centre and they have 2 of these funny looking reindeer by the door!

Day 339 – Hubby spotted these on offer and got carried away.

Day 340 – Rosie sneaking onto the bed as soon as hubby leaves for work.



Day 341 – Went to feed the swans and ducks and geese, just to get some fresh air after a couple of weeks of illness in the house; girls enjoyed it.

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