Free and fun things to do, feeding the ducks and swans

My regular readers will know that I am on a mission to get out more in winter….as I tend to stick the heating on permanently and hibernate….only going out when it’s necessary. And the Country Kids linky over at Coombe Mill blog inspires me and gives me the motivation to get my lazy backside up and out.

Today the sun was shining, so we wrapped up warm and headed off to feed the swans and ducks. Not overly adventurous, but it is a start. And it is something free which Munchkin loves doing. Not everything has to cost to be fun and to be honest, now that I am not working we have to watch the pennies a bit.

We went in summer but the ducks and swans were well fed. They were too lazy to even get out the water.  However today as soon as we parked the car they came running, literally! We were surrounded before we even got out.



Bee wasn’t scared at all and was giggling away to herself. Even when they came up right next to her pushchair she wasn’t phased at all!!



They really were quite hungry and a few were brave enough to grab the food out of our hands.




Once all the food was finished, they walked off and went back into the lake. Then a swan turned up and crossed the road to join us. We got a few hisses when he realised we had run out of bread!! Well it wasn’t our fault he was over the hill somewhere was it?!

The gulls always make me laugh though when they swoop in and steal the bread off the others.



It was really nice to get out in the fresh air as we have had a few weeks of illness in the house and it was getting a bit depressing! And Bee is always keen to go out!!

So what free and fun things have you been up to lately?


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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