Project 365 – Days 342 to 348

Day 342 – A bit of a quiet day at home today, even Rosie was more chilled out than usual and snuggled up close to me

Affectionate Cat

Day 343 – Baby and toddler group today…that is all we seem to do these day!


Day 344 – I organise a monthly meet up for some fellow mums and today we went to Kiddicare for the meet up. Bee as usual found something to climb on!  Bumped into fellow mummy blogger from Cafe Bebe there too.


Day 345 – Hubby’s day off so we spent the day relaxing and spending time together. Popped into Costa for a hot chocolate.

Costa Black Forest Hot chocolate

Day 346 – Baby group again today and Bee headed straight for the sand and made a mess. Have noticed that she seems to be getting shy of other kids and will back off. Not sure if it is a phase or it’s because she was pushed down a few weeks ago by an older girl and she’s now scared.


Day 347 – Baby and toddler group again!


Day 348 – Caught up the cooking and general tidying today so felt I deserved a treat.

Tesco Toffee Sundae

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