Saturday Spotlight: Syria

I was going to focus on an individual charity for my first Saturday Spotlight, but having seen some images on Facebook this week I changed my mind and am focusing on a general appeal.


If you haven’t heard about Syria, or even realise how bad things are, then frankly where on earth have you been?

Now I am not going to give you a history lesson about what is happening there, hit google and you will find plenty of information. But in brief, there is a civil war happening there at the moment. People are dying, innocent chlidren are dying. And with the snow beginning, the situation is just getting worse for the people.

Syria Refugee Camp

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Now the image I saw, and is still with me right now and throughout my days since then, is an image of a child literally frozen to death. It was in fact a video, which I just couldn’t watch.

As soon as I saw just the image, at 11pm at night, my heart broke and I couldn’t sleep. I just wanted to get Bee out of her cot and hold her close to me. Feeling helpless, I immediately donated a winter pack.

The pain of the childs’ parents (if indeed they are alive) does not bear thinking of. The suffering the poor child went through before he was released from the torment of feeling so cold and probably hungry,  is unthinkable.

For those in the UK, remember the moaning when it starts snowing?

Well at least we can enter the warmth of our homes and stick the heating on, or wrap up warm.

These people are living in tents.

In snow.

Where temperatures are lower than the UK.

Imagine not even being able to do the simple thing of protecting, feeding and keeping your child warm, and then realising they have literally frozen to death. I was going to add the video here but thought it may be too distressing for some. It is available on YouTube if you search for frozen child in Syria.

Please do consider donating to Syria. There are various charities that are working to get aid through to the most needy. There are many current appeals to help with winter packs. A blanket just costs £6 with some charities. Make donations of clothes, there are many collections happening over the UK.

If anyone would like to join forces with me to try to brainstorm some ideas on how to raise some money for Syria then please do contact me.

Saturday Spotlight

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