Saturday Spotlight: Millies Trust

Millies trust


Millie’s Trust is a relatively new charity I happened to stumble across when one of my friends had liked/commented on one of their status’s and it showed up in my newsfeed.

Now me being the nosey so and so that I am I had to find out what this was all about.

The trust was created by Millie’s parents. Millie tragically died of a choking incident at her nursery in October 2012. Their charitable aim is: The advancement of health and saving of lives by providing education and training in First Aid

If your child suddenly started to choke on something would you know what to do? Knowing what to do could make the difference as to whether your child lives or not. Some people cannot afford to go on First Aid course as some can be expensive. Millie’s Trust’s aim is to make First Aid training available for minimal cost and they run donation only courses and can also run courses at your home.

Millie’s Trust has already helped save the lives of many children as can be seen by the messages left on their facebook page. People are grateful for their tips and awareness of what to do with a choking baby; I myself have learnt some new things aswell.

Millie’s Trust currently have a campaign to train ALL nursery nurses in Paediatric First Aid. Please sign the petition.

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