Project 365 – Week 2



Day 5 – We had more guests come round so spent most of the day cooking, serving and washing dishes!! In the evening we popped to pizza hut for dessert. I reckon I earned it!


Rest of the week has ended up pretty much all about Bee.


Week 2


Day 6 – Popped to Tesco in the evening and it is the first time Bee has not been in her pushchair or in the trolley….She got a bit excited and was picking things up and trying to put them in the trolley!

Day 7 – Munchkin was back at school today…and Bee got back up to her old tricks and driving me crazy. Here she is after dragging her chair to the worktop and then climbing on it to grab things off the worktop.

Day 8 – Back to Tumbletots today. It tired her out as she fell fast asleep on her return!

Day 9 – We discovered a new baby and toddler group and decided to check it out even though you have to pay and we do have a choice of going to a free one on Thursday’s. Bee loved it, and it was so much more cleaner and friendlier that we decided to sign up and go regularly.

Day 10 – I must admit I had had a bit of a meltdown the night before as I was so tired of chasing around Bee and hubby working long hours. A friend had suggested Gigglebellies. We found it on YouTube and it kept Bee engrossed for a short while…but then she was back to her old tricks.

Day 11 – I decided to be brave and try some messy play.


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