Tuff Spot Messy Play with Paint!

How about some messy play?

Those 2 words, ‘messy play’ would strike fear into me and I would go all pale and start sweating. My legs would turn to jelly and I would need to sit down and take deep breaths.

OK maybe not that dramatically but I am not a fan of messy play. I remember once taking Munchkin to a baby group and it was messy play. She got soaked, fell and banged her head while running because it was so slippy and I vowed never to take her to another messy play group again.

And I didn’t.

The most Bee has done is play with sand and flour at baby group.

However, I have been inspired by fellow bloggers with their Tuff Spot’s and messy play as their kids look like they are having so much fun.  So I decided to be brave.

Would I live to regret it?!

One of the idea’s I saw which I thought probably wouldn’t get too messy was putting paint on the tuff spot and rolling balls and marbles through it. I should have realised that this may not go to plan when Bee immediately sat in the tuff spot.


We put blobs of paint in the tuff spot…..and immediately Bee wanted to get in. I had had the sense to remove her pyjamas thankfully.


Sitting in the tuff spot!


So then playing with the marbles and having pretty patterns as seen on Pinterest didn’t materialise….I ended up with a baby covered in paint. However, she was grabbing the marbles and throwing them which is good for developing her motor skills and Munchkin and I discussed the colours and mixing them to make other colours.


The main thing is that the girls had fun and even the cat was ready to pounce on the marbles in the paint. Thankfully she didn’t and waited until a marble fell out. Can you imagine cat paws in paint all over the house?!

Rosie the cat

Tuff spot fun

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