Top 13 of 2013

Now we are in 2014 I thought it was worth a look back into 2013 and see what some of my favourite posts were. I must admit that alot of my posts this last year were mainly 365 and silent sundays as I was busy with Bee. She has only recently started to sleep through (she is now 15 months) so was feeling exhausted a lot of the time in 2013. Literally a walking zombie!

Please forgive the format of some of the posts…I changed platform and they went a bit weird…hoping to go back and sort them out when I have time.

In January we had snow. The girls loved it and I just had to share some pictures as I am sure plenty of you also did.


In February we reached a milestone with Bee and started weaning!


In March I wrote a post that I had intially been scared to write about, my problems with breastfeeding and giving up.


In April we started on on our garden so some gardening posts about planitng seeds and hanging baskets


In May we finally went to baby group and wrote about our experience


In June I wrote about struggling to be a stay at home mum


July was bittersweet as Munchkin said goodbye to her infants school ready for juniors.


In August, at the grand age of 11 months old, Bee finally got teeth


Another milestone reached in Sepetember, when Bee started to walk


October was bittesrweet too as we started to pack up the baby items


In November I was able to share some amazing pics my hubby took while on hajj


And in December I was able to prove to myself that I can actually cook


And finally we got a cat in June so she has featured alot in my posts this year


Am joining in with In the Playroom’s linky. Why not take a look at see what other bloggers Top 13 posts were.

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