Project 365 – Week 10

Week 10Day 61 – Went and got fitted for contact lenses as I want to wear them on my holiday in April. Did try contacts about 8 years ago  but couldn’t be bothered faffing around with getting them in and out so trying again now. When we got home we played with the water beads we had soaked yesterday.

Day 62 – One of Rosie as forgot to take a pic of anything else to be honest. Was a quiet day and she snuggled up to me on the sofa while Bee was asleep.

Day 63 – I got a bit upset when I learnt my dad had got rid of all my childhood books, which included Enid Blyton. I was saving them for my children…and I must admit I did cry. So I came home and drowned my sorrows with cake and double cream.

Day 64 – Beautiful sunny day so on Munchkin’s return from school we got the bubble machine out in the garden.

Day 65  – Bee trying to escape from her cot again.

Day 66 – Fun with a box…..shouldn’t really waste money on expensive toys!!

Rosie the cat

Day 67 – Gorgeous day today but poor hubby ended up home due to severe tooth ache….he has an appointment in 11 days t0 get it out….but we are going to try to push the appointment through sooner as the pain is worsening. due to him suffering we spent most of the day at home lazing around like the cat.


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