Project 365 – Week 11

Another relatively quiet week….not sure what is up with me….quite happy to stay at home at the moment!

Week 11


Day 68 – Sun was shining, and the grass was annoying me so did the first lawn mowing of the season. Then the hairdresser came round and cut my hair and added purple highlights to it! Decided to go a bit crazy! Would have shown you all but because I now cover my hair I can’t!

Day 69 – I purchased a slow cooker last week and made rice pudding in it…’s the only thing I have made in it so far!

Day 70 – Bee has taken to standing at the window shouting ‘bye’ to any cars that pass. As it is a relatively quiet road she does end up waiting a while.

Day 71 – (wrong numbered pic up there) Forgot to take a pic to be honest and only remember when everyone was asleep so one of Rosie. It was the end of the day and I was ready to put my feet up. Made a hot chocolate, came into the room to find she had taken my spot on the sofa. Didn’t have the heart to shove her off!

Day 72 – (wrong pic) Toddler group today. It is the first time we went out in the garden area and Bee loved it.

Day 73 – Couldn’t resist!


Day 74 – Out in the garden today and let the rabbit have a run around although had to keep an eye on the cat at all times!


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