Project 365 – Week 12



Day 75 – Went to a local shopping centre which mainly has outlet shops in. Managed to get some Clarks sandals for Munchkin to take on our hols for just £12. Now wondering why we have never been there as such a nice place to go, with some lovely places to have a walk and sit down. Bee was fascinated by the dinosaur she spotted.


Week 12


Day 76 – Decided to try a black eyed beans curry in the slow cooker. I didn’t like it, just didn’t taste how a curry should….so washed it all off and added some tomatoes, onions and masala and made it into a ‘chaat’.

Day 77 – One of Rosie posing. She sits on top of the rabbit hutch staring into the ivy…think there may be a bird nest in it.

Day 78 – Another one of Rosie…was sitting on the sofa and she came and sat as close as she could to me. She is going to hate me when we go on our holidays and she ends up in a cattery!

Day 79 – Bee had fun at our favourite toddler group. She got to plant some sunflower seeds and bring them home.

Day 80 – Quiet day at home sorting out the laudry…..Bee grabbed the underwear and wore them around her waist. *sigh*

Day 81 – Took the girls to feed the swans and then later to soft play. While feeding the swans we crossed over the railtracks and saw this train. Bee was curious but jumped the train sounded it’s horn!


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