Project 365 – Week 14

In all honesty, I didn’t take many pictures this week. So have been scraping the barrel so to speak, to find a pic a day!

Ice cream


Day 89 – Hubby has a day off on a Sunday so we took the girls to the park. Sadly, he is currently suffering from bad hayfever and didn’t take a tablet before we went… literally within minutes he started sneezing and his eyes started watering and went red. Needless to say we didn’t stay long. We ended up enjoying ice creams at home from the passing van!

Week 14


Day 90 – Off to toddler group in the morning. Then back home and Bee decides a cardboard box is the ideal place to sit in and play with her toys.

Day 91 – One of Rosie kneading away at a scarf she found on the floor in Munchkin’s room…..why do cats do that?

Day 92 – These baskets I ordered off eBay and love them. They will be used to put the girls books in.

Day 93 – Really scraping the barrel for a picture today…but had taken one of some products been sent to check out!

Day 94 – Toddler group in the morning again.

Messy Play with pasta


Day 95 – Housework today as off out shopping tomorrow to get things for our holiday….this time next week will be in Turkey (in sha Allah). Will try to do a 365 post on the Friday instead! To keep Bee quiet while I got on with things, I gave her pasta to play with!


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  • Those ice creams! So good looking, and I am not a big fan of ice cream but those look delicious 🙂

  • I think cats knead their paws as a memory of nursing as kittens… kind of like sucking thumbs in people 😛 when they’re feeling all cozy and comfortable and they remember that they do the same motion. I say this because I see kittens do this when they nurse, and in that context it makes sense to help get the milk going. Also I had a cat once which I strongly suspect was weaned too early before I adopted him 😛 anyway he used to not only knead his paws, but he would grab a piece of fabric in his mouth at the same time (like the hem of my sweatshirt) and suck on it while kneading.

  • love the colour of the sauce on the ice-cream, and I fully sympathise with the hay fever, it makes your life miserable big style.
    At least giving her the pasta to play with kept her quiet, she is such a cutie sat in that cardboard box, it makes you wonder why you buy toys