Time for an Easter holiday – taking a toddler!

We are off on our holidays!

In less than 5 days we will be in Turkey in sha Allah!

FINALLY I get a holiday which isn’t Pakistan!

Pakistan to me isn’t really a holiday. It is pretty much home from home. And as we only go for 3 weeks, we rarely get to go out and see the country. Most of the time is spent visiting family and friends.

So you can just imagine my excitement!

1 week all inclusive!!

Pools, beach, and hopefully sun!

Bera Alanya

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I am slightly nervous about taking Bee. I have visions of her running up and down the plane for the 4 hour flight and annoying passengers. But I know that she will love playing on the beach and getting involved in activities at the hotel. Munchkin initially said she didn’t want to go as she didn’t want to have injections but once she realised she didn’t need them, she is now getting pretty excited too!

We still haven’t packed….yes, yes I know we are leaving it kind of late. But we are a ‘last minute’ kind of family! And thrive under pressure….we actually shop better then!

There is so much to think about when taking a toddler…..and a hyperactive toddler at that.

For the flight I have got the girls a Trunki, and will be filling it up with things for them to do on the plane. Toys, crayons, colouring books etc. Munchkin will have her tablet and Bee can have my phone to play games on. I will also be taking plenty of snacks and food, as I have not paid for the in flight meal. £8 each for a meal (slightly less for kids) we may not even like? No thanks.

One other thing to think about is medication. I am taking calpol and neurofen, teething powders and diarrhea meds incase they get an upset stomach. (If there is anything else I should be taking then please let me know!)

One concern I had was Bee’s milk. She still has some before bed and sometimes before breakfast too. I have decided to take some growing up milk with me rather than risk the milk there.

And obviously things like clothes and iron will be packed!!

I just can’t wait!! Roll on the weekend!!


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