Project 365 – Weeks 15-17

Apologies everyone but I am cramming 3 weeks worth into one post. I didn’t get a chance to get the post done before our holidays as we are last minute people so was a crazy rush packing the day before, and then we didn’t return until midnight last Saturday so the last thing I wanted to be doing was sitting on the laptop trying to get Project 365 done. I almost gave up….but sticking with it a bit longer.

Week 15


Week 15

Day 96 – This is the way we eat our breakfast….sit back and feet up on the table! *sigh*

Day 97 – Trying out our summer hat for the holidays!

Day 98 – First tulip of 2014 finally making an appearance.

Day 99 – Went to a local farm. They have built a new soft play area and Bee loved being able to climb and have fun.

Day 100 – As it is Easter break, Munchkin was allowed to come with us to Bee’s toddler group. It was nice seeing them play together for once without Bee pulling her sisters hair!

Day 101 – Crazy day before our holidays, buying last minute things and packing. Only managed to get a pic of Bee in the bath once the majority of the packing was done.

Day 102 – And we have landed in Turkey! Loved our hotel as soon as I saw it.


Week 16


Week 16

Day 103 – Today was about booking our excursions for the rest of the week and getting to know the ways of the hotel. We had some fun at the beach in the afternoon.

Day 104 – Was an excursion on the boat. Here is one of the boats crewmen who jumped off the cliff into the sea! It was beautiful for swimming in and they stopped the boat for some of the people to go swimming.

Day 105 – Today was a full day of touring. We visited some caves, a beach, a castle, the oldest mosque and house. Bee loved when we stopped at an orange farm type place and she could munch on the oranges. They were so juicy her whole dress got covered.

Day 106 – Dolphin and seal show today.

Day 107 – Day spent at the hotel, going for a walk and having fun on the beach. Bee’s dad took her into the sea and she wasn’t impressed at getting wet so wrapped herself with her towel. Here’s her sister helping her. She looked so cute and people couldn’t help but smile at her as she walked back to the hotel wrapped in her towel and frowning!

Day 108 – Tried to find out about an excursion to local water falls but the hotel only does them on a Saturday and the outside tour people didn’t do the local one as summer season hadn’t officially started….we were the only hotel in the area that was open. We didn’t want to go too far as Bee isn’t very good in the car/bus….so another day of relaxing by the pool and at the beach. The weather had turned slightly so the sea wasn’t very calm…but it was still all beautiful.

Day 109 – Bye bye Alanya, Turkey 🙁

week 17


Week 17

A quiet week to be honest, back to school and generally recovering from the holiday!

Day 110 – The problem with returning from holiday is all the unpacking and washing!

Day 111 – Rosie came home yesterday but we collected the rabbit today. He seemed happy to be back in his hutch.

Day 112 – Back to school today so back to a routine.Rosie has been sulking a bit since coming back from the cattery.

Day 113 – How do you keep kids to keep their room tidy? Only back a few days and Munchkin’s room is already beginning to resemble a bombsite.

Day 114 – Finally unpacked a small lamp I got from Turkey and found a home for it in the living room. I am risking it slightly as it is somewhere Bee can get her hands on it. So far she has got the message and stayed away.

Day 115 – Rosie relaxing on the bed….think she has forgiven me for leaving her at a cattery.

Day 116 – Bee has been whining like crazy since we got back and not eating properly…I thought it was perhaps because shes finding it boring being back home…but think she may be teething as today she woke up with a runny nose and a cough – she usually gets a runny nose when teething. Looks like a few difficult days ahead.


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