Project 365 – Week 20

Playing with sand in tuff spot


Boiled rice and chicken curry


Yellow climbing rose


Pulling petals off flowers



Bee and rabbit


Chilling in the garden

Sand and water play


Day 131 – Day chilling at home today as the weather wasn’t looking too good. Bee started whining so decided to put some sand in the tuff spot for her…..probably not the best idea as she started throwing it around the living room…….but it kept her quiet for a bit.

Day 132 – Pic of food today. One of my favourites and simple; boiled rice with chicken curry.

Day 133 – Had a wander around the garden today to see what needed doing. The climbing roses are flowering…problem is Bee pulls the buds off!

Day 134 – Went to my parents, and Bee decided to pick the petals off their flowers!

Day 135 – Brought the rabbit indoors for a bit as he does sometimes get neglected, Bee gave him some love and then promptly grabbed him by the ears and tried to pull him up!

Day 136 – Chilling at my parents house.

Day 137 – Gorgeous day today, hubby at work so got the garden toys out. Bee decided to put all the sand into the water section!

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