Project 365 – Week 21

Mixed week this week! Gorgeous sunny start….and then went downhill with rain! Looks like rain most of half term too!!

Week 21

Day 138 – Gorgeous sunny day. Spent most of it gardening. Our local council have decided that even though the residents pay council tax, they are going to start charging us to take away our garden waste as they cannot afford to…but on the other hand are going to increase salaries. I downright refuse to pay so we weeded and generally tidied up the garden as it was the last collection. Bee and Munchkin had fun spending most of the day playing in the garden.

Day 139 – Went over to my parents house. My dad had got out Munchkin’s old seesaw – I thought they had thrown it away. Bee promptly decided to give her chair a ride.

week 21 collage

Day 140 – I was in my garden at my parents house when my mum suddenly got the surprise of her life when she noticed a baby bird sitting on the floor of the kitchen. Thankfully noone had stood on it! Got it out of the kitchen, tried to give it some water as it looked shocked and after 5 minutes it suddenly flew off.

Day 141 – Pictures of flowers today. Love these ones in my garden.

Day 142 – Day of thunderstorms and torrential rain! They were sudden, and quick….and my parents garden got a mini flood!

Day 143 – Proud of Munchkin who got an award for ‘making positive behaviour choices, being enthused in learning and being a role model for the class’. She was given a fountain pen as a gift….and she promptly got ink all over her hands.

Rosie the cat

Day 144 – Woke up to pouring rain – and rain forecast for most of the day. So spending it at home, playing indoors while I get on with the tidying. Poor Rosie keeps getting harrassed by Bee and she snuck up to sleep on Munchkin’s bed.  I don’t usually like her sleeping on the kids beds but felt sorry for her so left her to it!

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