Review: Moon in my Room from Tmart

Recently the nightlight we had in our room for Bee died a sudden death. So I was pleased to get the chance to review a moon nightlight from Tmart

Moon in a room light


Moon in my room box contents

The Moon Nightlight is described as:

It is a magic lamp that offers you twelve models about the phases of the moon such as new moon, full moon, and half-moon and so on. Choose different modes of the light depending on your mood. And the moon nightlight comes with a remote control that allows you to switch it into different modes easily and conveniently. Illuminate your room with the moon light when the night falls. 

And it certainly does show you the different phases of the moon.

Moon in my Room stages

The moon light gives off a gentle glow when it is fully bright:

Moon LED light fully lit up

You can control the light with the remote given. You can set it at any stage of the moon that you like using the manual button, or you can use the automatic button to see it build up to the full moon.


The plastic that the light is made up could, to some, look and feel that it is cheap plastic but it does feel pretty sturdy. I also noticed that the screw to the battery compartment of the moon was missing, although that is not a huge problem. The buttons on the remote are also quite noisy when pressed – they make a loud click….so not ideal if you are trying to switch it off and your child is a very light sleeper. Munchkin has recently learned about space at school and loves this light, it is likely to end up in her room once I have got round to decorating her room!

The moon light is powered by 4 AA batteries while the remote takes 2 AAA batteries.

Disclaimer: I received Moon in my Room for free for purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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