Project 365 – Week 22

To be honest, not a particularly interesting week. Although it is half term, the weather has been foul and I have not been feeling well in myself  and generally feeling down, so all plans went out the window. We were meant to go to London Zoo as a treat for Munchkin who turns 8 next week, but have put that on hold. I am lucky to get a photo each day to be honest.


Week 22


Day 145 – Hubby usually takes Sunday off but had to park today. His car had a problem yesterday so he had to come home early to get it fixed so had to make up for it today. Was a quiet day, some spent in the garden. Found this bee on the decking that Rosie had been harrassing so picked it up and put it on a flower.

Day 146 – Just had to take a picture of Rosie with Munchkin watching TV!

Day 147 – Had a wander around the garden to see what needed to be done and see if there was any space for some bedding plants. This is one of my favourite flowers.

Day 148 – Bee in a box….As soon as any delivery comes, if the box is big enough, she jumps in.

Day 149 – Toddler group…..first time Bee has experienced shaving foam.

Day 150 – Sorted out one of the hanging baskets in the garden.

Day 151 – Leaving the kids to trash the room with toys *sigh*


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