Review: Arabic with Taha and Maryam

I was recently given an opportunity to try a new app for my iphone which helps teach arabic.

App description:

Teach your children the Arabic alphabet with this captivating board game. Children journey through an exciting park whilst completing letter flashcards. Learning pace is tailored to individual children using artificial intelligence. 3 levels make the learning process simple and easy. Suitable for all children (aged 3+) and especially useful for children who don’t speak Arabic as their first language.

Arabic with Taha and Maryam is an eductional app developed by two sisters; a family doctor and a speech and language therapist. It uses a board game to help children learn the Arabic letters. There are 3 different levels and up to 4 children can play.

Arabic with Taha and Maryam




According to the app description, the following skills are developed:

  • Memory and understanding of Arabic letters
  • Naming and pronunciation of Arabic letters
  • Counting and identifying numbers
  • Turn taking skills
  • Interaction and Social skills

There are 3 different levels that can be played withing the app: Matching Letters, Understanding Letters and Naming Letters.

Matching Letters

Once you have spun the dial and moved your avatar the correct number of spaces, you are shown a letter which is sounded out. Once the child is familiar with it they tap the letter and are shown a number of letters from which they have the select the one they were shown after being asked to ‘find’ it.

Understanding Letters

This level moves on from the first level in that you are not shown the letter first but are immediately asked for find one.


Naming Letters

This is level 3 which is harder than the others in that you are shown a letter and you have to name it.



The only thing with this level is that they may need to check with an adult that they are saying the correct letter before tapping the green tick.

What is good about the app is that there is a progress section where the parent can check to see how the child is progressing. The app also does not overwhelm the child with letters. It starts with 5 and then as the child gets letters correct they get a point. Following that, every 5 points a new letter is unlocked to learn which is added to the existing letters being learnt.

The app is fun and educational for children. The board game has similarities to snakes and ladders as there are objects that can help move you forward and some that can push you back. It could possibly be made more interesting if different boards were used in the 3 levels as the same one is used throughout. The 3 different levels, however, are ideal as they help to build up a child’s understanding of the letters.

As Munchkin is 8 and has now started reciting the Quran, the app is easy for her but she still had fun having a play around with it. It will be ideal for Bee when she does start learning Arabic.

The app is available on the app store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is also available on Google Play for android and is priced at a promotional price of $1.99 USD (or the equivalent currency)

More information can be obtained via their website or Facebook.

Alternatively you can email them at



Disclaimer: I was sent a promotional code allowing me to try the app for free for purpose of review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own



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