Saturday Spotlight: Ronald McDonald House Charities

I have recently come across a charity whom I had briefly heard about before but didn’t know too much about: Ronald McDonald House Charities.

So what do they do?

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an independent Charity which aims to provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation at hospitals across the UK, enabling families to stay close to their child and maintain a degree of normal family life.

I know I feel worried when my daughters get a slight cold so can you imagine what a parent must be going through if their child has to stay in a hospital which isn’t even local? They do not have just the worry of their child being so ill that they have to stay in hospital, but also the worry about travelling there, possibly daily, or the stress of the family finding somewhere to stay to be close to the child.

The Mohammed family are one of these families who needed help and support from the Ronald McDonald House Charities. They stayed in a Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham while their daughter received treatment for Leukaemia. You can see in the following video how much it meant to the family.


The Ronald McDonald House charities are celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year of supporting families with children in hospital. As part of their celebrations, their supporters will be sharing some of their charity moments that they will always remember. You can see some of the other moments on their website:
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