Mum to an 8 year old

So last week I changed from being a mum to a 7 year old to mum to an 8 year old.

We don’t really celebrate with parties, but I usually get cake…..any excuse for a cake with me!

Moshi Monster Cake

It doesn’t really feel that different.

Apart from making me feel old…but then that was also because it was my birthday 2 days after hers. 8 years ago I brought her home on my birthday! I think that was the best present ever I got on a birthday. And it is something I gave myself!

I just realised I don’t blog about Munchkin much. Most of my blog posts centre around Bee. So it was time to do an update on her.

It is not intentional; it is just that Munchkin is busy with school and Quran class. Her routine is that an hour after she finishes school she goes to learn Quran for an hour. We then get home just after 5.30 and then it is usually bath, dinner and bed.

She has moved on from the basics at Quran class and a few weeks ago started reciting the Quran. That was a proud mummy moment. Her teacher is pleased with her progress and is hopeful she will complete the whole Quran sooner rather than later.

At school she is doing very well. In most areas she is advanced for her age, particularly with reading. She gets on with her fellow classmates and the teacher is very pleased with her. She does get rewarded with awards and recently received one for being a role model for her class and received a certificate and a fountain pen.

Gold Award

She does have her stroppy moments, what child doesn’t?  And sometimes it seems like there is already a teenager in the house.

But we cannot be more proud of her and have been planning to take her to the zoo as a birthday treat and also for all her hard work. Hopefully next weekend.

Oh and I just ordered her some loom bands! Thought we would join in on the craze.



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