Net Curtains v Blinds

I have net curtains in the house.

I don’t care if they make me look old fashioned and people think I’m living in the olden ages but I love the fact that they give you privacy without blocking out much light.

I don’t care if people think they are horrible and I need to get more modern.

I love my privacy…and can you actually get that with blinds? Whether horizontal or vertical?

And don’t they make the room darker too?

But I am having to think about getting blinds. At least in the living room.

And why?

Because of Rosie.



Now as much as I love her (and who couldn’t love that cute face), she is driving me crazy!!

She loves torturing anything that moves, even our rabbit gets a slap on the head. But the worst is when she brings in flies through the cat flap to play with indoors.

If their wings don’t end up damaged in her mouth they fly off and straight towards the light.

Which is the window.

With my net curtains.

I am sure you can guess what happens next.

Yep, Rosie jumps up and tries to catch it!

At the time of writing this I have about 7 holes in the curtain. And I am sure there will be more by the end of the weekend, especially if I go out.

They look bad, especially from the outside.

Like I am someone who doesn’t care and has put up old net curtains. *sigh*

So whether I like it or not I think I will need to get some blinds. They may not give me as much privacy as I crave but will offer *some* privacy. The other thing that concerns me is that they may make the room look darker too.

But better that than holey net curtains I guess.

My other concern about blinds is Bee. My parents have them in the conservatory and she has at times tried to play with the cord. The cords can be dangerous to inquisitive toddlers and there have been a number of deaths. Like with eveything, safety is the key.

Blinds now have new saftey guidelines and Terrys Blinds have created a safety guide with some handy tips which I have agreed to share for them. This is an important topic with there being blinds in a lot of homes.


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