Project 365 – Week 23

Day 152 week 23

Day 152 – The sun finally came out so I did a spot of gardening and then took the girls to our local country park called Ferry Meadows.

birthdayDay 153 – Once Munchkin went to bed, I blew up a few balloons for her birthday. We don’t celebrate in a big way but I usually put up some balloons and get a cake…any excuse for a cake.

Day 154 – Cake!!

Lindt caramel

Day 155 – Had to share my current addiction

Water fun

Day 156 – It was actually my birthday today. And noone usually cares. Was feeling a bit down (have been for a while) but one of my fellow school mums had heard me moaning that noone makes the effort on my birthday and I never get cake, just left over cake so she got me a chocolate cake and some grape juice. I was so touched.  Took Bee to her toddler group and we loved this water play thing. I so want one for our garden!

Week 23


Day 157 – My eldest wasn’t really a ‘girly girl’, but Bee is showing signs of being a bit of a diva already. She now wants to take a handbag whenever we go out!

Day 158 – Woke up to a small thunderstorm, not a great start so decided to catch up with some housework. Bee surprised me by sitting down and quietly colouring in! It always shocks me when she sits still for longer than 5 minutes lol!


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