Goodbye Nap Time

Nap time.

I don’t want to do it…but I have no choice.

It is time to say goodbye to you.

Yes you do make some random appearances but I will miss your regular visits.

You have been my faithful friend on a daily basis, giving me breaks from the destructive whirlwind that is my toddler!

You made an appearance and I could get on with the housework in peace, or simply put my feet up.

I have noticed you slipping away slowly the last few months but I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

I did my best to make you stay.

But it was a losing battle.

I have to realise it is time to let you go.

Nap timenap time 1

Since your leaving, my house literally looks like a bombsite until she has gone to bed. Toys everywhere, books ripped and now even the scribbling on the wall has started. That I must put a stop to.

I live for bedtime, as my toddler has limitless energy and instead of a nap just has to sit for a short while to effectively recharge her batteries. Then it is back to wreaking havoc and doing crazy things.

This child has no fear.

10394813_10154285056325542_5906200710423746844_nThe pets run away from her as if she is a devil child.

If she is out in the garden the cat comes inside and hides in my room, and the rabbit runs back into his hutch!

We all need a break!

Why did you leave so soon!?


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