Project 365 – Week 27

Week 27

Day 180 – First day of Ramadan today. No eating between sunrise ad sunset. The first thing we eat at sunset is a few dates.

Day 181 – I love these hydrangea in my garden.

Day 182 – I had left the laundry basket in the living room. While in the kitchen I got the fright of my life when all of a sudden I noticed it next to me. Bee had decided to get in it and was walking around under it…..she then took it out into the garden.

Day 183 – Tumbletots in the morning and toddler group at her possible future nursery in the afternoon. She loves turning this wheel ad hearing the beads make noise.

Day 184 – Toddler group in the morning again and then in the afternoon let her loose in the garden….this girl has no fear and was jumping around on her slide and going down in weird positions!

Day 185 – My baby Oleg arrived after purchasing some home insurance via compare the market!

Day 186 – Some loom bad practice today. This took me 3 goes to get right!


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