Giveaway: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with my teeth.

I know that sounds odd to say, but as a I child I was told my mouth was too small for all my teeth and some had to come out…..and braces fitted.

And they took out 4 teeth……

All in one go……

I still remember the dentist standing over me yanking with all his might to get healthy teeth out.

And then suffering braces to make them look good.

So they better look good!

One of the issues with teeth can be with how white they are. When you smile you don’t really want people to see yellow, stained teeth but clean, white and healthy teeth.

That is where Smile Brilliant can help; with their custom fitted teeth whitening trays which are a home teeth whitening system. Stated by Smile Brilliant:

Smile Brilliant’s tooth whitening system is more effective than any other system on the market not because the gel is better, but because the trays are fitted specifically for your teeth which ensures it holds to the surface area for prolonged periods of time.




The whole process is pretty simple:

  • Take dental impressions with the kit sent to you with detailed instructions.
  • Mail them back to the lab.
  • The lab will create a set of teeth whitening trays which are an exact replica of your teeth.
  • These will be returned and you simply need to apply the teeth whitening gel.

Smile Brilliant have written a number of articles that may answer some questions you could have, including: How does teeth whitening work?



Smile Brilliant have been kind enough to offer my readers a chance to win one of their teeth whitening kits, currently retailing at $119.95

Entry is via rafflecopter.

PLEASE NOTE: Giveaway is open  to US, UK, AU, & CA. If you are outside the US, you will have to pay your OWN POSTAGE to return the impressions back to the lab.

Once a winner has been chosen, you will receive a coupon code to redeem on the website.

Winner will have 14 days to provide their details. We reserve the right to draw another winner after 14 days.

Closes 2nd October at 11.59pm

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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