Project 365 – Week 39

Week 39


Day 264 – So today my mission had been to finish decorating Munchkin’s room and to clear out the garage as we are thinking to turn it into a bedroom. However, hubby seems to have an aversion to hard work and decided he wanted to go out somewhere. We ended up in Luton and I got some new clothes and Asian sweets!

Day 265 – FINALLY got round to wallpapering Munchkin’s room. All that is now left is to find a nice rose duvet covers and curtains. Actually quite proud of myself…first time I have wallpapered and did it all by myself.

Day 266 – One of those ‘ I need a sugar hit’ kind of day.

Day 267 – Rare picture of Bee here. We have entered to be a Little Tikes Tester and if anyone would like to ‘like’ her picture before the end of September we would appreciate it!

Day 268 – I had ordered some sweets for the girls ready for Eid next weekend and they arrived today! So tempted to eat some….well I guess I should test them first shouldn’t I??

Day 269 – All about the food today. Meat curry with potatoes, served with boiled rice.

Day 270 – So instead of actually getting in the box today, Bee decided to stick it on her head.

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