Review: Rainbow Braid Loom Bands

Loom bands.

They seem to be finding their way around my house.

I am going to start blaming the cat too…she has a habit of stealing things from Munchkin’s room and taking them into the other rooms to play with while we are asleep!

And seeing as Munchkin seems to be collecting alot of the bands, there is a lot to play with!

Munchkin herself was very pleased to recently receive 5400 Rainbow Braid Loom bands.

Rainbow Braid Loom Bands

The pack contains 18 different colours and 250 clips to help make the bracelets. The colours are each in individual packets and each packet contains 300 bands.

So what are the colours?

In solid/neon you have: red. purple. turquoise, light blue, dark blue.

In fluorescents there is yellow, green, blue, ponk, orange. purple.

In glitters you will find pink, blue, purple

And in bolds you have black and white.

What I  like about these bands is that they are independentlya tested in a US lab and were tested free of lead and phthalates.

So what did we think of the bands?

Having already got quite a variety of loom bands. we were impressed with these. They did seem like good quality and we loved all the colours. Munchkin can struggle to make the complicated bands so I end up doing them. Having made a few before I always got frustrated when the bands snapped (I have no patience) but so far not one single band has snapped…even when I have pulled them in annoyance when I have made a mistake.

What is great about these is that they also come with a 365 day quality and refund guarantee!

Rainbow Loom bands

Rainbow loom bracelet

Loom bracelet


The Rainbow Braid loom bands are available from Amazon.


Dislcaimer: We received the bands and a loom in return for a review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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