Review: Easy Indian SuperMeals

Although I am Pakistani by background….I am pretty much useless at times in the kitchen. *hangs head in shame*

So I was pleased to receive a copy of Zainab Jagot Ahmed’s ‘Easy Indian Supermeals’ to review.

‘Easy Indian SuperMeals for babies, toddlers and the family’ is the first of its kind – an Asian-influenced cookbook that supports parents on the journey from weaning to toddler meals and snacks, and post-school quick fixes, through to meals for the whole family to enjoy together.

A FOODIE FIRST: There are no other Indian-themed babyfood cookbooks on the market, which focus on cooking with aromatic spices.


Hardcover Book MockUp front and backSO what are ‘Supermeals’ I hear you ask? Taken from the book: ‘The ‘Super’ of SuperMeals refers to the extra health benefits associated with these meals over and above normal meals, due to the inclusion of carefully selected foods, SuperFoods and SuperSpices’.

Can’t really say no to recipes that have extra health benefits!

The recipes are in clear sections:

  • Veggie Supermeals
  • Fish Supermeals
  • Finger Food Supermeals
  • Sweet Supermeals
  • Meat Supermeals
  • Family Supermeals
  • Quick Kids Supermeals

And within each of the sections it is made clear what stage the recipes are suitable for: ie 7 months plus and 10 months plus.

What I loved about the recipe book is the clear and personal introduction, which includes detailed information on spices and when spices are suitable for your child. What also made me like the recipe book is that each recipe comes with it’s own introduction, often citing what vitamins are in the recipe and the recipes health benefits.

Bee is past the weaning stage and pretty much eats anything so we jumped to the family meals section of the book. Although having a quick look at the weaning stage recipes, the recipes shared there are a lot more interesting then the ones I tried for Bee. And I wish I had had this recipe book when we were at the weaning stage. There are so many recipes in there that I would never have thought to try, for example the ‘Mixed Veggies in Coconut Milk’.

One of the recipes that caught my eye in the Family SuperMeals section was the Masala Fish Curry. Now I don’t know why but I am always wary of cooking with fish and the most I deal with is frozen fish fingers, or the masala fish from the local Asian butchers which hubby fries/bakes. So I thought I would be brave and try this out as it looked pretty quick and simple to make:

Cooking masala fsh curry


Simply marinate the fish for 30 minutes, make a sauce and then cook the fish in the sauce. Simple!

Masala Fish Curry


And the verdict… Bee’s own words it was ‘yummy’.

Munchkin is a bit of  a fussy eater and it can be really hard to get her to like and enjoy new recipes…….but even she liked it and actually ate all of it without complaining. I could have fainted….literally! We made the recipe on Sunday and today (Wednesday) she was asking when I would be making it again!

I now can’t wait to try out some of the other recipes on Munchkin!

My favourite section has to be the Quick Kids SuperMeals. I like anything that is quick and makes my life easier! I currently have my eye on the Super Quick Bomaby Potatoes recipe and will be trying that soon along with the Mini Masala Omelettes!

Easy Indian SuperMeals (RRP £14.99)  is available to buy from Amazon and also from Zainab’s online shop.


Disclaimer: I was sent a free copy of the recipe book in return for an honest review.

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