Project 365 – Week 41

Week 41

A quiet week to be honest. Did nothing apart from school runs. and a couple of toddler groups.

Day 278 – Eid day which involves presents, food, family drama, and then a trip to the fair! We came home with a goldfish!

Day 279 – Think it all got a bit much for Bee yesterday as she was restless during the night and had a temperature in the morning. So spent the morning on the sofa having cuddles. However by the evening she was pretty much back to normal.

Day 280 – Bee won’t leave poor Rosie alone. While the poor cat was trying to eat, Bee was covering her with clothes.

Day 281 – One of my friends gave me a fish tank she had so the fish got a new home.

Day 282 – Crazy clouds and rain on the school run today.

Day 283 – Picture of Rosie today lazing around. Now the weather has got cooler she is spending more time indoors again.

Day 284 – Went and got another fish to keep the other fish company. Came home and the girls were watching TV while I did some housework…..came into the room and found Bee asleep like this! It is not like her to fall asleep during the day so hoping she is not coming down with something again.


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