Review: Q Pootle 5: The Great Space Race and Other Adventures

Do you have a Q Pootle fan in your house? If so then they will be pleased to hear that the stars of the Cbeebies animated series were launched on DVD and digital platforms on 6th October 2014.

Pootle Flying Space - LRBee has only just started getting into Cbeebies. Before she was too busy jumping around and trashing (literally) the room. And to keep her out of mischief we used to go out to toddler groups most mornings so didn’t have much time to watch TV.

Now that she has calmed down a bit, she will settle down to watch a bit of TV while I can get on with things around the house. We have come across Q Pottle 5, just a handful of times so was pleased to be able to review the DVD and watch it properly.

Q Pootle 5 is based on the best seller books by author and illustrator Nick Butterworth.

The DVD is packed with 13 episodes and we particularly liked the extras which included a karaoke:

 Space is a fun place to be with Q Pootle 5. Join him and his forends Oopsy, Eddi, Stella, Ray, Groobie. Bud-D and Planet Dave as they tackle the everyday problems of the final frontier in 13 fantastic adventures, including ‘The Great Space Race’, ‘The Singing Valley’, ‘Hitting the High Note’, and ‘Runaway Rocket’. Fans  young and old, can also sing along with Q Pootle 5 and his friends with ‘Okidoki Karaoke’ and discover how the series was created with interviews with the cast and crew of the show.

You can get a taste of the DVD with this trailer.


Watching Q Pootle 5

Over the weekend I popped the DVD into the laptop for the girls….both the girls were mesmerized. I thought Munchkin at 8 would think it was too babyish for her but in all honesty she was more engrossed with the characters than Bee was. But then Bee does not sit still for long; for her one episode at a time is usually enough. The DVD in total is 143 minutes.

What we also loved about the DVD is that it came with a smoothie recipe, a quiz and some colouring.

Q Pootle 5 DVD


Fans will also be pleased to hear that in addition to the DVD release, Q Pootle 5 puzzles and games have also been launched.  Furthemore, two picture books and also a magazine are also due to be launched!

Flat cover - LR




Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of the DVD in return for a mention of the launch and a review. All thoughts and opinons are my own.

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