Project 365 – Week 42

To be honest a bit of a boring week, didn’t do a whole lot and didn’t take a whole bunch of interesting pics so have had to search the phone for any pics! Luckily I do usually take at least one pic a day!

Week 42


Day 285 – Today we spent practically all day sorting out the garage….we were hoping to move house but have now decided to get a conservatory built and convert the garage into a bedroom for Munhckin. It is amazing how much junk we have accumalated in the garage! I had made some dessert before we got started so I had something to look forward to!!

Day 286 – Miserable rainy day and poor Rosie was miserable as she wanted to go out but doesn’t like the rain. So as a compromise she sat at the cat flap with her head sticking out….that is until Bee came along and shoved her!

Day 287 – Chilling today, I got the tablet for myself but it somehow seems to have turned into Bee’s

Day 288 – Hubby unexpectedly came home early so we went out for lunch. Then I got him to tackle the neighbours ivy that is crazy and growing into our garden…….I bet he ended up wishing he hadn’t come home early!

Day 289 – Our regular toddler group today. Bee loves giving the teddy bears a ride!

Day 290 – Day of cooking and cleaning…Made kofteh (meatballs)

Day 291 – Felt a bit down so drowned my sorrows with chocolate and TV. The girls made me laugh though when they were both sitting on the same sofa on the arms! Who needs 2 sofa’s?

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