Project 365 – Weeks 43 and 44

Missed last week so you have 2 weeks worth again!


Week 43Week 43


Day 292 – Munchkin is now having horse riding lessons and today was her first lesson. She loved it, so it seems like this is going to be her hobby (expensive one!)

Day 293 – Stopped off at the park while we were waiting for Munchkin to finish her Quran class. It was 5pm and the park was deserted…..for the first time in my life I didn’t feel comfortable for some reason so we left pretty quickly.

Day 294 – A new friend was meant to pop round but her son woke up with a temperature. So I ate all the biscuits I had got for her!

Day 295 – Met up with another friend at soft play. Bee of course climbs on things she shouldn’t actually climb on,

Day 296 – This is the way we get off the sofa. Sigh.

Day 297 – Drama outside our house. There was a raid on the house 2 doors down. Police came so quietly that I didn’t realise until I went upstairs to to shut the curtains and realised our road was blocked off. We think it was drugs. The police stayed outside all night and the the following day the car was checked and forensics were in the house pretty much all day, bringing out bags which looked like they had plants in.

Day 298 – This is Bee’s style of watching TV. Sitting in the box.


Week 44

Although it is half term, I have been going through some things so I have been slightly upset and angry, so haven’t got up to a lot this week. week 44


Day 299 – This is probably going to be all my future Sundays. Sitting in the car waiting for Munchkin to finish her horse riding lesson. Hoping to get it changed to Saturdays as it does spoil our Sunday’s as a family (hubby only takes Sunday off from work).

Day 300 – Tried out some yoghurt lollies today.

Day 301 – Bee dropped my plant pot and the bit that flowers snapped off!

Day 302 – My wall mural which I am reviewing from Nuffgang arrived today. I hadn’t realised it was so big. Hoping my conservatory is built quickly so I can put it up in there before the deadline….otherwise it’s going to have to go in the bedroom.

Day 303 – Toddler group today. Bee loves building things and playing with the cars.

Day 304 – Trip to the park today as such a beautiful day for October.

Day 305 – A quiet day where I have been sorting through clothes and generally decluttering. Let Bee play on the tablet for a short while….. I love her style!



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  • You have got quite an action-packed life. 😀
    Bee is cute as always. Wow Munchkin is off to riding horses! That is so great! I wanted to learn that as well back as a kid. I am way past childhood and still waiting. 🙁

    Lovely to read you! Hope that your mood gets better. ^^

  • The police raid sounds exciting. We had one at our old house. Hubby was expecting an early taxi to take him to the airport so he opened the curtains early and there were police everywhere. Illegal rip off clothing sales in our case.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 44 of 2014My Profile

  • Ah, horse riding – my girl would love that but swimming lessons cost enough! It’s sad you felt uncomfortable at the park but I know when you feel it isn’t right sometimes it’s best to move on. Hope it quietens down on your street! 🙂

  • love the upside down Bee, as well as the one in the box, toddlers are strange creatures aren’t they?
    The horse riding is worth the money if she enjoys it.
    I remember the house across the road from us years ago being raided and them taking away massesof cannabis plants and lights etc.
    Hope what ever is causing the anger and upset can be resolved quickly.