Horse Riding

When I was a child, I always wanted to learn how to horse ride. However, with my parents being the traditional Pakistani parents they didn’t think it was appropriate for me to learn. I was never really allowed to get involved in after school clubs even though I loved playing hockey, netball and tennis at school.

Oh and the biggest problem with horse riding? It was too expensive.

So I had to make to do with buying horsey magazines and covering every inch of spare wall in my bedroom with horse posters……and dream of being in horse competitions like showjumping and dressage.

My ultimate dream is to own an arab stallion. Maybe one day………

photo credit: warpsta via photopin cc photo credit: warpsta via photopin cc

I want my girls to be at least active if not sporty. I tried Munchkin with martial arts but she just did not have the confidence. In this day and age I do feel it is important to be able to protect yourself which is why I did try to push her in that direction. We tried tae kwon do and karate. But she did not want to go after the initial lessons.

So I gave up. I didn’t want to turn into one of these pushy parents that forces their child to do something they don’t enjoy. But I still wanted her to have a hobby; something she enjoyed doing and was sporty in some way and getting her active.

And it turns out that horse riding is it.

Although I was thinking about going as thought it would be good for me to do something I enjoy, I asked Munchkin if she wanted to try it and she jumped at the chance. I thought that after the first lesson she may decide it is not for her as she has never really shown an interest in horses before, but tomorrow she has her 4th lesson. So I think this is likely to turn into her hobby….and an expensive one at that!

But I don’t mind.

I want my girls to grow up doing things they enjoy.

To enjoy life and know nothing can stop them. They can do anything they want.

Her first lesson was £24 and then this reduced to £20. Lessons are initially half an hour one to one and then once you have satisfactory control of the horse, which usually takes 3-4 lessons, you move on to 1 hour lessons in a group. Seeing as Munchkin is getting confident and enjoying her lessons I guess I better invest in her own riding hat!

horse riding1Horse riding

Peter, one of the horses used to teach Munchkin
Peter, one of the horses used to teach Munchkin


Horse riding simply isn’t just sitting on a horse and walking around. You learn how to care for your horse and respect him. Sitting on the horse helps with balance and coordination. Muscles are also strengthened as you learn to control and steer the horse. And I can imagine that just riding on a horse, through trees and nature must be an amazing and relaxing experience!

Munchkin is a long way off from galloping around, but she has finally been let off the long lead they use with newbies and has started having sole control of the horse.

Is it wrong to feel jealous of your daughter??! Maybe I should book myself in too!
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  • What a brilliant hobby and so wonderful to find something that she actually enjoys. Hopefully some lessons here and there won’t be too expensive 🙂 #countrykids

  • I used to go horse riding when I was little. I loved it. No idea why it stopped, perhaps it was the cost. So glad she is enjoying it. I think you should book yourself in too #CountryKids
    Jane recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  • I had my first riding lesson when i was 4 years old and it’s still my most favouritest thing to do today. I was incredibly lucky to grow up on a farm and have always been surrounded by horses. So pleased to hear Munchkin is enjoying herself, definitely sounds like mummy should give it a go too! xxx

  • Oh bless her, great to find something she loves. My eldest used to have horse riding lessons many moons ago and I remember feeling jealous too!

  • DEFINITELY book yourself in – there’s nothing worse than having regrets. You may love it or realise it wasn’t what you thought it was, either way you’ll know.
    I grew up around horses but lost them when we sold our farm and emigrated. Like you my bedroom walls were hidden beneath pictures of horses – my sister and I used to have competitions to see who could name the most breeds (I know, I know). I bought Horse and Hound and scanned the sales listings at the back, dreaming of my perfect equine companion, a partnership to rival any Pullen-Thompson duo.
    I lived for my weekly riding lessons and was told I had the skills for a career in show jumping, but sadly the cost was too much for my parents to bear. I resented this for a long time but last year I booked myself a session at a riding school. I was MASSIVELY excited and it felt great to be back in the saddle, but boy! what a workout! For me now, the physical exertion outweighs the magic, but at least I got to make that call. I still wonder how things might have been though…
    Go on – book that ride!
    Aisha from expatlog recently posted…Leaving Islam – the hangoverMy Profile

  • I used to ride. My parents even got a horse for me and my sister because we were totally nuts about horses and since we lived in the country they figured that it wouldn’t be much more expensive than driving us around and paying for the lessons. My sister still rides, she has her own horse and she has taught all her three children to ride also.

  • Sis go for it, I’ve been riding in London (most expensive place in Earth I think haha!) For almost a year. No reason why you shouldn’t have a go too. I’m in love now, much to the dismay of my bank account, but I intend to move up the ranks in dressage inshaAllah, all the way to the top 😉