Project 365 – Week 45

A very boring week to be honest….we have the builders in so we have been stuck at home for most of the time.

Week 45


Day 306 – Quiet Sunday. Just went to Munchkin’s horse riding lesson. She was introduced to Peter today for her lesson.

Day 307 – And the building work begins. Getting a conservatory built and converting the garage into a bedroom. It is going to be a long few weeks. I so wanted to have a go on this mini digger! It is fab, manages to get through doorways!

Day 308 – Huge concrete mixer that came today and later in the week too!

Day 309 – This just had to happen….cat paw prints in the concrete!

Day 310 – No builders today so we managed to go to toddler group. Bee for some reason was attached to the the teddies.

Day 311 – Bored stuck at home so baked a cake!

Day 312 – Managed to get a pic of a double rainbow.

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