Review: 1Wall Mural

Those who follow me on Instagram etc will know that I recently have got the decorating bug and I did a pretty good job of wallpapering Munchkin’s room (even if I do say so myself).

So when I saw there was a chance to review a 1Wall mural with Nuffnang, I was so excited as thought this would be ideal for the conservatory we were getting built. It would be perfect for the full wall and would look stunning in a bright and airy room (perfect for pictures for the review too!)

However, the conservatory sadly got delayed and still isn’t complete.

Plan B was then to decorate my bedroom as I have been thinking to do that for some time aswell.

I wanted something unique and different for the bedroom, something that gives it the WOW factor and a mural from 1Wall seemed to tick all the boxes.


1Wall recently won a Grand Design award and have a wide range of murals to choose from, from nature to kids murals which include Spiderman and Disney Princess. Prices start from £29.99.

I decided to go for an orchid mural; at that time I was hoping the conservatory would be complete and it would have been perfect for it.

Image from 1Wall
Image from 1Wall

The mural arrived well packaged so there was virtually no risk to it getting damaged. Furthermore clear instructions on how to put up the mural were on the box:

1 wall mural


The mural is in 4 large pieces. This is because it is meant to be easier to put the mural up in the pieces rather than have a roll of wall paper to handle. However, although I recently wallpapered Munchkin’s room all by myself I slightly struggled to get the mural up alone. Having watched YouTube videos on how to add the mural to the wall it does look simple; in my opinion unless you are really good at wallpapering then don’t attempt to do it alone.

I was also sent a small bag of wallpaper paste to help me put the mural up on the wall. The bag was more than enough paste for this mural and I had lots of paste left over.

The paper the mural is on did feel as though it was slightly flimsy compared to the wallpaper I used in Munchkin’s room. However, it did not tear even though I had to take the mural off a few times as I was getting air bubbles which I was struggling to get out. You do have to be careful with the air bubbles or the paper will crease into an unsightly line. Unfortunately I did end up with a few of these but this is probably more to do with my lack of skills with wallpapering rather than the product.

The image of the orchid on the mural is simply stunning and of high quality. Orchids are my favourite flower and I love going into the bedroom and seeing the picture on the wall.

orchid orchid 1


I wouldn’t hesitate to get another wall mural and I may just get one for the conservatory. BUT I would get someone else to put it up or at the least make sure I have help from someone.

Disclaimer: I was sent a wall mural of my choice for the purpose of review. However, all opinions are my own.

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