Project 365 – Week 46

I am afraid another boring week with the builders pushing on with the conservatory. And they are back Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week so again will be stuck at home for most of the week. Oh well, all worth it in the end…..but struggling to get interesting photos for Project 365.

Week 46

Day 313 – Munchkin is doing well with her horse riding lessons. She now has complete control of the horse herself and will have one more one to one lesson with the instructor before she joins the group.

Day 314 – Poor Rosie is getting slightly stressed with the building work as she can’t spend as  much time in the garden.

Day 315 – A quiet moment and Rosie goes out to inspect the building work.

Day 316 – Seeing as I have nothing better to do, am cooking a lot. Biryani today.

Day 317 – Hubby got me some chocolate cake. It was delicious!

Day 318 – Poor Bee standing by the door with her toddle bike. We have yet to take it out to review but she has been whizzing around indoors with it.

Day 319 – Baked a cake again…. I am getting all domesticated! 😉


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