Project 365 – Weeks 48 – 49

Unfortunately I have been a bit quiet on the blog recently. My dad went into hospital for a minor standard op but ended up staying in hospital for 5 nights, then Bee got a cold and now I currently have it too! Anyway, here’s our past 2 weeks!


Week 48

Day 327 – Just a day of popping to the shops and doing some shopping. Bee got to see the Christmas lights for the first time and loved them.

Day 328 – Today’s photo is dedicated to my rabbit. I went out to feed him and found him dead. In all honesty I was a blubbering wreck, we had had him for almost 7 years. Thankfully the builder was here working on the conservatory and he dug a hole for me in the garden and got him out the hutch and buried him for me.

Day 329 – Still really upset about the rabbit. Rosie sensed it I think as she took any opportunity she could to sit next to me. My friend offered me another rabbit as hers has just had babies, but I have decided it against it.

Day 330 – Dad went into hospital for his minor op today.

Day 331 – Took Bee to her toddler group. She loves going into the shop and pretending to sell things.

Day 332 – Rosie was locked into the house during the night for the past 2 nights to allow the conservatory to dry. As soon as i unlocked the cat flaps she was straight back in there staking her claim on the room!

Day 333 – Early morning 9am riding lesson today! Love this horse’s eyes!


Week 49

Day 334 – Sunday is hubby’s day off, so popped to the shops and couldn’t resist this cute outfit for Bee. Then collected dad from the hospital as he was finally allowed home.

Day 335 – Baked some Millie’s style cookies – turned out gorgeous.

Day 336 – Got the girls the Hungry Hippo’s game. Love the simple games.

Day 337 – My dishwasher arrived!! Am loving it!

Day 338 – Got a cold and hubby came home early from work so wouldn’t have to do the school run in the cold. Had some comfort food to keep me going! Cake and cream.

Day 339 – Still feeling so rough, but had to clean out the fishes. They have eaten the one live plant I had in the tank!

Day 340 – Still not well so Bee is entertaining herself by riding the toddlebike indoors, while Munchkin is playing quietly in her room.


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